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Thomas Hahn

Thomas Hahn - Business Development
Tom Hahn, a veteran Interventionist and Clinical Specialist, brings over 16 years of expertise to fostering comprehensive wellness. His multifaceted approach encompasses individual and group therapy, stress management, and the promotion of physical well-being through tailored exercise and nutrition plans. Since 2002, he has served as the dedicated Executive Director of Tom Hahn Transitions, leveraging an exclusive assessment system recognized by the State Department and the previous White House administration.

Tom's journey spans over three decades, starting in talent and management in iconic cities like New York City, Miami, Montreal, and Los Angeles. His evolution led to becoming the Vice President of Talent and Casting at Sony Pictures. Not content to rest, Tom pursued further studies in psychology, crafting a groundbreaking anger management program for the Salvation Army in Oakland, California. His commitment deepened as he ran a drug and alcohol program for California Men’s Colony Prison.

In collaboration with Marianne Williamson, he co-founded Project Nightlight, a compassionate initiative ensuring that "No one should die alone." Tom's impact extended to training hundreds of volunteers to provide emotional support for those facing AIDS-related deaths. He embraced his role as a minister under Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker, officiating funerals and marriages, and contributed insightful articles to The Huffington Post on health transitions and end-of-life care.

For decades, Tom has been a stalwart interventionist in the realm of drugs and alcohol, reflecting his enduring dedication to helping individuals navigate life's challenging transitions with compassion and expertise.

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